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About/ Sasara Artwork

  • Artwork - What’s on offer? Formats / Sizes / Options?

  • What's a Limited Edition Print?

  • We only offer Limited Edition Prints - Why?

  • We don’t offer 9 million frames and a gazillion print sizes  - Why?
    (This also partly answers the 'Who is Sasara? question)

  • Sasara's Fine Art Aluminium prints - what's the big deal?

Buying artwork from Sasara

  • Placing your Order

  • Payment Options

  • Business/ Multiple Purchases

  • Commissioning Artwork 


Terms & Conditions

  • Delivery & Shipping Info

  • Returns/Exchanges

  • Privacy of Persona Data



  • Customer Service

  • Caring for your Artwork

  • Copyright


ABOUT/ Artwork by Sasara

* What’s on offer? Formats / Sizes / Options?

We’ve made selection & purchasing artwork from Sasara easy currently offering only 3 formats online which we know from experience work exceptionally well with  content & style  of the images we sell:

Aluminium Prints - 1 size
Sleek, striking contemporary frameless prints
Size option: 24x36ins (60x90cms)   

Framed artwork – 3 sizes

Complete ‘ready to hang’ artwork - consists of centrally positioned limited edition archival b&w print, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo Rag Pearl photographic paper - reputedly one of the finest archival fine art papers in the world /70 years + longevity), acid free archival exhibition grade soft white bevelled mount,

 Italian grade 1 black wood picture frame  & glass with ready–to-hang rear attachments ( chord, hooks)
(* new -  inner border between the print & bevelled edge of mountboard)

Size options:
(Sml) 9x6ins print in 19x16ins (49.5x40cms/slightly larger than previous16x12ins/30x40cms mount size)
– edition limited to just 50 prints of this size

(Med) 18x12ins print in 27x21ins (69.8x54cms - slightly larger than my previous 28x20ins/70x50cms mounts  -  edition limited to 250 

(Large) 70x100cms (28 x 39ins) Frame, glass & mount with 60x90cms (24x36ins) centrally positioned image (UK delivery only) - edition limited to 300

Mounted artwork - 2 sizes

27x21ins (69.8x54cms ) conservation mount -  18x12ins (46x31cms) centrally positioned image
19x16ins (49.5x40cms) conservation mount -  9x6ins (22x15cms) centrally positioned image


Offers you the freedom to purchase an alternate picture frame  of your choice ie. the style, width, colour, moulding (the material the frame is made of…eg. Wood, aluminium etc) if the standard ‘fits anywhere, goes with any décor’ black frame is not to your liking. The mount size is not a standard shop size and will require

a custom made frame.


Print Only - 2 sizes - not currently available
Provides you with the freedom to purchase as small or as large (wide) a mount  & frame to fit your personal requirements. Ideal option if wishing to mail on eg. as a gift, especially abroad.

Size options: 24x36ins / 18x12ins (45x30cms)

  • What is a Limited Edition Print?

A  print created from a specific image whose production is limited to a specified number of prints. Once the specified number of prints has been sold, that image will no longer be available for sale, reprint or in circulation anywhere or at any time in the future.

The number of the Limited Edition print/artwork sold or currently available is standardly written as eg. 3/50.


If for example, you are at an art fair and come across an artist selling a work of art which has for eg. 3/50 written on the mount below the print, in this scenario -
*/50 – the number fifty - is the total or maximum number of prints which will be available for sale in this edition.
3/*    - three - is the number of the print now available within the specified edition (of eg. 50).  ie. 1 / 50 & 2 /50 have been sold. No.3 is the next in line for purchase, through to 50/ * (of 50).


That particular image may be printed in one size and one copy only (1/1) or several sizes size each with either the same or different specified sized editions. eg. 300 images sized 24x36inch  / 200 – 16x20inch/  50 - 16x12inch / 50 – 12x8inch. Each size will be an edition in its own right.


All images/ prints sold within a ‘Limited Edition’ collection are commonly referred to as ‘Limited Editions’ or ‘Limited Edition prints’ as opposed to ‘Open Edition prints’  where printing of a certain image is ‘unlimited’. With ‘Open Editions’ there are no ‘restrictions or limitations’on the number of prints or sizes that particular image can be printed./reprinted.


The price per print within an edition may stay the same throughout the sale of the whole edition or increase either per print or incrementally the closer to the end of the edition the print is eg. no.49/50 maybe higher in price than no.6/50. Again – the artist determines.


Each print is titled, dated, signed, numbered and traditionally issued with a Certificate of Authenticity  which is signed by the artist and either will arrive with the dispatched artwork or be mailed post purchase.


  • Why we only offer Limited Edition Prints? 

(see About/ Artwork by Sasara)

  • Why we don't offer 9 million frames and 10 gazillion print options ...
    (this also partly explores the ‘ Who is Sasara’ question...).


Logistics darlinks!  ‘We’ (at this stage, not dissimilar to the Royal ‘We’, are a very small but perfectly formed team )...

In fact...first...for now... there is only this multitasking multi-creative, artist person, shooting, processing, taking & mailing orders, promoting, selling, artwork assembling, event inviting, supplier & client liaising, website creating, content inputting & updating etc etc (wo)man band (so to speak...scusi)....... 

Even with her trusted external team, her foray into the frame making world,  couldn’t possibly (for now at least) do all the above as well as maintain the upkeep of a vast selection of mounts & mouldings (wood used to make frames), the associated frame making equipment as well as make them on demand. Phew!!! Exhausting just to think about it!!!Besides, when would she, that is I -  aka The Singing Photographer -  be able to step out to snap new snaps to add to the Sasara catalogue? 

It also enables us to keep our postage & delivery costs customer friendly & affordable as well as shorten production & turnaround time


  • How will my artwork be packaged?

For framed  & mounted prints -  a simple yet innovative system from a northern packaging company (close to my Northern roots) - a combination of acid free, archival quality tissue paper covering the print surface side, bubble wrap, enclosed in a flat double layer of corrugated cardboard packaging.


For prints – tissue & double strength cardboard rolls.

  • Sasara's Fine Art Aluminium prints - What's the big deal?

An aluminium fine art print from Sasara is much more than just a print - it is a unique stand alone, eye catching piece of artwork ..’ ‘

With these modern, contemporary ready to hang alternatives to the classic framed prints, it's easy to make a statement or two. 

Smooth, streamline, uniform edges, crisp yet striking imagery, also makes it so easy to create impressive collections...

Our sleek super thin frameless Aluminium range adds a contemporary feel to any interior...blends in (or stands out...) with arty, vintage, African, oriental, world, modern, minimalist, cluttered effect, country, town or period inspired decor...from office, workplace, reception, foyer, lounge areas, hotel bed & dining rooms to restaurant, bistro & cafe interiors, landings, lounge.....

With standard mount (matting) and framed artwork, no matter how narrow the edge covered by the mount, there will always be a small part of the image which will be ’hidden’. Our frameless fine art aluminium prints, show your selected images at their finest and allow you to enjoy the printed image in all its entirety.

The way you view the image on screen here – ie. with its smooth straight outer edge – will be the way your image will appear on your wall. In addition, the added bonus of its wide aluminium backing attachment (½ - ¾ in wide) will give your artwork the appearance of standing or floating off the wall.

The aluminium pieces will arrive ready to hang.

  • Buying your artwork from Sasara

    • Placing your Order:

Simply click on the thumbnail of your chosen image(s). For each selection, a new window will open with an enlarged image, a caption and drop down purchase boxes with format, size & price options.

Make your selection, click checkout and the item(s) will be forwarded into your checkout basket. Here, you can add, delete or change the number of items you wish to purchase any time prior to making your final payment confirmation.

You will receive confirmation of our having received your order via email. Your purchase will be processed & made ready for despatch once full payment has been received. 

You will receive a notifying email once your product has been dispatched.

Pls feel free to email us with any pre-order enquiries regarding either placing an order, despatch or delivery. We will endeavour to respond via email within 48hrs of receiving your message.

  • Payment Options

via Paypal - either Paypal to Paypal directly if you have a Paypal account or by credit or debit card via PayPal.  

Today PayPal transactions are the easiest and quickest method of purchasing most products sold on line, including artwork. Payments are fully secure. You do not need to have or set up a PayPal account in order to make payment, just a credit or debit card. The transaction will be processed by PayPal.

via Bank transfer. Please email detailing the artwork or items you’d like to purchase. You will be sent an invoice with the necessary details. Goods will be processed & dispatched as soon as full payment has been received. 

  • Business/ Multiple Purchases

Special rates are available on large orders. Please make enquires via email.

  • Commissioning Artwork

If you love the Sasara style yet have not found an image which ideally matches your requirements - you can commission images to be taken by The Singing Photographer in the style offered on this site.

Please make contact either via  or via the contact form here on the site.




  • Delivery & Shipping Info 

We deliver across the UK, Europe & worldwide.

Depending on the size of the package & destination - delivery will either be via Royal Mail or reputable courier eg. DHL - in both cases tracking will be utilised.

We value your custom and as such feel it is only courtesy to let you know that, depending on your location, the estimated delivery time for your artwork may take 10-21 days after payment has been received.


Why so (relatively) long - compared to say, when ordering a 4 slice gift box from Patisserie Valerie or a pair of Calvin Klein's? Why? Because in order to maintain the highest quality & standard of delivery, all purchases from Sasara are 'made to order', processed by myself (The Singing Photographer) in partnership with my small, select team of experienced & trusted external suppliers.

Why else? because we each operate from a small but perfectly formed base where everything is made on a ‘demand & supply basis and not from a wholesale warehouse with hundreds of images and frames stacked to the hilt ready to churn out at the beep of an oncoming ‘ghost buster’ style order alert...

We will of course do our best to despatch your order earlier than suggested. We kindly request however that you please be patient...and refrain from following through with any uncontrollable urges to call and hurl ‘impolitenesses’ across the airwaves...

You will receive an email notifying you of the date of dispatch. If for any reason we envisage a delay to the delivery time specified, you will be notified immediately.

If you have a shorter deadline, express delivery is available at an additional cost.
Please email or message via our contact form to discuss options & receive quotes before placing your order.

On receipt of delivery - we advise that you check the condition of the package before signing & accepting your package from the delivery company.

If you are not present on arrival, the courier /Royal Mail / service will leave a calling card for you to either arrange local depot pick up or redelivery date & time.

A wee reminder - re customs or duty tax - If you are buying artwork from outside the UK, you may be required to pay custom/border fees. These will vary from country to country and will be totally the responsibility of you, the purchaser . 

  • Returns/Exchanges

In the event that your artwork arrives damaged, we kindly request that you contact us within 48hrs of receiving your product so that we can discuss a solution to the problem. eg. refund, replacement, whatever is deemed appropriate.

Please be prepared to supply us with images of the damaged goods.

If return is agreed, prior to refund or exchange being made, we ask that you return the artwork in its original packaging ie. both inner & outer - via courier (with tracking). Once received, we will aim to refund or replace your order within 14 - 21days.

Pls note: Customers, you will be responsible for return postage. We can only be responsible for items received and regret that  we cannot accept liability for items lost in transit. Refunds abroad will not include the cost of the original P&P costs.

As all art pieces are made to order, we regret that exchanges or returns cannot be made / accepted if for any reason you happen to change your mind or deem the artwork to be unsuitable for your particular usage.

  • Privacy of Persona Data

Your personal information will not be disclosed or sold on to any other party. It will be added to our database for the sole purpose of fulfilling your orders, billing and if you sign up, to add you to our mailing list to receive news of special editions, new artwork, events etc.


  • Customer Service

Please feel free to email to discuss any pre-order queries, any problems regarding your received order etc. We will do our very best to respond to your queries within 72hrs.

If we are a little late, please do not worry, we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. It may just be that we’re processing large numbers of orders simultaneously or on assignment (visual or performing). Please be patient, as for now we are a small but dedicated art loving team.

  • Caring for your artwork 

Re Aluminium prints :    

Where prints are normally protected and displayed behind glass, your original artwork is an exposed print and as such should be handled with care.

To avoid scratches or obvious finger prints on the surface of your artwork please hold around the edges. If/when deemed necessary, it is best to lightly wipe the surface with a clean dry lint free cloth – do not rub heavily and please do not use household or other cleansing agents.

Re All artwork:
For longevity it is best to keep all artwork out of direct sunlight and where possible avoid placing artwork in places with extreme temperature fluctuations. 

  • Copyright

When you purchase prints from Sasara, you will own the ‘print’ you purchase.  The copyright and ownership of the ‘images’ sold on this site however remain with the person who originally shot & processed that image ie. ‘The Singing Photographer’ aka the Founder/ Creative Director of Sasara - Val Kelly.

Unless someone has been a little sneaky and illegally ‘borrowed’ one or two of our images without our permission, we guarantee that you will not find our images sold anywhere else across the web. You can feel assured (cross my heart & hope not to disappear in a puff of smoke) that when you purchase artwork from Sasara – that it is exclusive to Sasara.

***Images present and/or purchased from this site may not be copied, reproduced, downloaded, altered or used in any format, medium or for any other purpose other than decorative without the express written permission of the photographer.

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