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Cigs, Cigars & Snuff! - J Redford's London

Cigs, Cigars & Snuff! - J Redford's London


Old fashioned tobacconists - Royal Exchange, The City


Another stella example of Victoriana at its best. Located smack in the middle of ‘The City’ - cuban & such like cigars, pipes & snuff! In existence since 1841!  Quite possibly the oldest tobacconist in London (??) 


Thanks to my Ma K making me light her cigarettes for her in the days when you could smoke & drive (Hillman Imp, light blue...where did that come from??) - I’m not a smoker. Nor do I have a clue or an ounce of curiosity to know what taking snuff feels like. However, standing outside J.Redmond’s looking in, I was instantly transported to a place filled with the pungent, aromatic odour of pipes packed with ‘Condor roughcut’ ( where did that come from??? idea who, probably when I was a young thing)...


Then, as if in a dream, the above vision morphed into scenes from Oliver (Twist) – where the ‘boohisshiss’ baddies would be ‘snuffing’ away as they schemed & planned their next dastardly misdeed.


so the big question is - who in this day & age still snuffs snuff??

London EC3/ ©2014

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