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Solitary bliss! - Fisherman - Sardinia

Solitary bliss! - Fisherman - Sardinia

No wife, girlfriend, lover, kids, no fellow ' it was this big' fishermen or chatty scatty wannabe observers....aaahh!!

Italy/ ©2007
  • Re Mounted Prints

    Please note that the size stated relates to the size of the mount not the image/print size:

    28x20ins (70x50cms) mount with an 18x12ins (45x30cms) central image/print.
    16x12ins (40x30cms) mount with a 9x6ins (22x15cms) central image/print.

    The mount sizes are the same as the metric frame sizes you will go on to purchase for your mounted prints - be they standard shelf selections from high stores or custom made from your local art framer.

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