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Tall Ship - Old Royal Naval College - Greenwich

Tall Ship - Old Royal Naval College - Greenwich


By now you may know that I am a musician as well as a snapper.


In my world, unless you have children and/or a dog or two to rise to take care of, feed or walk (the dog not the children), I beg the question - who in their right mind rises at the crack of dawn on a Sunday, preps their gear, jumps into their equipment friendly Espace to drive up & down the South of the River (Thames) in search of the ideal ‘sweet spot’ to capture a fleet of tall ships which, according to the local tourist attraction ticket office source, would be sailing up Le Thames into the Royal Borough of Greenwich via Woolwich in their full splendour, sails akimbo within the hour. Who?? Who??


I waited approximately 3 hrs! Seems I was somewhat misinformed! Not a fleet in sight.

However capturing this uncluttered lone ship against the rather splendid architectural backdrop of the historical Royal Naval College made me a very happy lass.


The positioning & timing of the boat was (3hrs) deliberate. In my mind’s eye I wanted to conjure a scene from early 19th century Greenwich, when the Thames was a bustling thoroughfare of people, industry & commerce.... and then invite you to step into my imaginary flashback. Did I succeed? Do you see history lurking in the shadows of the arches, windows and tall supporting pillows?

London SE10/ ©2015


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