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Union Jacks over Regent Street

Union Jacks over Regent Street


Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration - the day after

I’d ventured into town especially to experience a little of the remaining fervour of a right royal affair – the ‘Queenies’ Diamond Jubilee celebration.


On the day I’d been performing as part of Jubilee celebrations in a venue literally on the Thames close to Vauxhall Bridge...Such a strange experience standing on the tables (not that part, that was fun!) with 80 or so other rowdy flag waving, Queen Elizabeth mask wearing folk, watching the Queen & entourage floating up stream in her boat in front of the venue as it was being shown simultaneously on the huge TV screen in the room. Very surreal! Any way I digress!


Re the image - rare to see such an abundance of large union jacks flying across the city in such a manner, only reserved for such major events as said jubilee, royal weddings & coronations. (Of which so far I have made a little alternative contribution to 2 out of 3 mentioned)...


Of course Boris’ modern double deckers (buses - which replaced the historic1950’s ‘Routemasters’ in 2005) give the game away somewhat but I like to think that this image captures & portrays the deep sense of (contemporary) nostalgia associated with this specific royal occasion...

London W1/ © 2012

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