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Guardian Angel - Bromley UK

Guardian Angel - Bromley UK

Bromley Cemetery

Driving towards Bromley central on an unusually foggy London morning - thick as pea soup but lifting rapidly to let the sun shine through...slammed brakes on, left turned, jumped out of the car just in time to catch the last wisp of fog being chased away by a sun ray dancing across the body of the angel...

(Guaranteed - You will not be turned in to stone if you close your eyes....)

Surrey UK / ©2011
  • Re Mounted Prints

    Please note that the size stated relates to the size of the mount not the image/print size:

    28x20ins (70x50cms) mount with an 18x12ins (45x30cms) central image/print.
    16x12ins (40x30cms) mount with a 9x6ins (22x15cms) central image/print.

    The mount sizes are the same as the metric frame sizes you will go on to purchase for your mounted prints - be they standard shelf selections from high stores or custom made from your local art framer.

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