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Red Row - Charing Cross

Red Row - Charing Cross


The Strand, Charing Coss London

There are few places left, in London at least, where you will see a row of these quintessentially british ‘red’ telephone boxes side by side in this manner.


With a global population of mobile & tablet users, few now physically use designer ‘Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s’ (Kiosk No.2’s or K2’s) boxes to make calls.


They are becoming more & more obsolete, however in keeping with the new wave of 'upcycling', many remaining in the public domain are being found alternate uses.


Some have become featured backdrops in photographic mementos for visiting tourists, others transformed into mini public libraries where shelves have been inserted to house donated second book collections which the public can freely ‘ borrow’, exchange, add to... Some have been bought privately and now stand in front gardens, porches, reception areas etc, while others have been and continue to be transformed into iconic art installations like world reknown artist/sculptor David Mach’s collapsing row of boxes entitled ‘Out of Control’.


Vive le boite rouge!
London WC2/ ©2011

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